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Mantle Top Mirror Beautiful Scrolled Designs

Posted by Mendy West on

Mantle Top Mirror Beautiful Scrolled Designs over mantle mirror

Mantle Top Mirror - Aged Mirror Black Replica
This vintage designed Mantel Mirror would look good in just about any room. My first thought was my bedroom, but it’s called a mantel mirror. I remember seeing this style growing up in the Cumberland Gap Mountains! Oh how I wish that never ended. I get excited finding items like this to show and sell!

This gorgeous mirror MEASURES 26" high x 36" wide x 1.75" deep.

Please allow 1-7 business days to ship. Packing and arranging to ship this product takes a few days. It is usually more like 3 business days, but to be on the safe side I prefer to list it 1-7 business days.

Free Shipping except the far west, California and nearby areas will get a discounted invoice to cover the high costs of shipping.

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