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Rare Santa Bellsnickles are back Gorgeous White or Red with Bottlebrush Trees

Posted by Mendy West on

Gorgeous Rare White Santa, 7” Tall, trimmed Gold Tinsel & Trees too. Absolutely beautiful piece wearing a white robe with hood. This Santa stands 5''L X 3.5''W X 7.5''H, MACHE and made of MACHE. This Santa is breathtaking.

Rare Beautiful Red and Unique Belsnickle MACHE Santa. This Santa measures 4.5''L X 3.5''W X 8''H. This Santa, 8” Tall, trimmed Gold Tinsel & Trees too. Absolutely beautiful piece wearing a red robe with hood. This Santa is breathtaking.

We LOVE providing the best and most unique quality of items and the Belsnickle Santa is sought after and is unheard of by many but a beautiful design of history. The folklore of the Palatinate region of southwestern Germany region. The figure is also preserved in Pennsylvania Dutch communities. Also known as Belsnickel Santa.

Check out our other sizes of this lovely Santa Folklore Collection and special Christmas Decorations and more to come.

EASY CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Caring for your house over the years is pretty easy. If you have an ornament of any kind break off, these are easily repaired with a few beads of hot glue on the piece and placing it back onto the area, which makes it like brand new. Glue guns are very affordable at any place crafts are sold. If taken care of, your house should last for years to come. MACHE is a very unique art and has natural imperfections.

We have a variety to choose from.

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