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Jar Candle Melter  All The Aroma Without The Flame Willow and Sheep Punched Tin

Jar Candle Melter All The Aroma Without The Flame Willow and Sheep Punched Tin

  • $ 42.90

Use your jar candles and this will melt them as if you have burned them. This is quite the wax warmer. For the person who hesitates to burn a candle, we have the answer! The bulb in our Candle Warmer melts the candle, in just a few hours, as it sits in our unique metal rack giving a scent without any open flame. Melt regular jar candles up to 4 3/4 wide or oval candles that do not fit in ceramic warmers. The idea is to place your candle into the center. Below the center that holds the candle, you install the 60 watt bulb that is included. It actually melts your candle for the same fragrance without burning it. I have added some additional pictures so you can get an idea what it looks like and showing the size of the candle I placed inside the wax warmer. It’s MOST IMPORTANT TO NOTE that you use a glass candle rather than the one demonstrated so it hold the wax. This is a beautiful and excellent choice for the beautiful smells of candles. * Plus you get the added benefit of a lovely nightlight that cast patterns of light on nearby walls! * Wired with one E12/Candelabra socket, 60 watts max. * Has a 3' cord and line switch. 40 watt bulb and wire rack included. * COLOR: Kettle Black finish. Handcrafted! * This measures 8.75-Inches high and 7.5-Inches diameter. 1 E12/Candelabra socket, 60 watts maximum; Bulb included. * Always use a straight sided jar candle for warming, not included * Made in the USA This product ships in one business day. Should you have any questions, please let us know. We accept returns for 30 days when saving packaging and sent back in the manner sent to you. If you are out shopping, be sure to stop in our store. We are always bringing in new items, new and vintage.